The Building Bulletin: June 2022

Thanks to everyone who attended the groundbreaking celebration! We heard some inspiring speakers and had a chance to reconnect with old friends and take photos with hard hats and shovels. After a rainy afternoon, the weather cleared, resulting in a very pleasant evening. If you are on the church grounds, take the opportunity to follow the […]

The Building Bulletin: May 2022

Groundbreaking Ceremony on May 17th. The church has been investigating an expansion in some form since 2008. This latest effort has been ongoing since 2016. Thousands of volunteer hours from previous building teams, board members, fundraisers, group facilitators, and more have gone into this project. We are finally about to see the fruits of our […]

The Building Bulletin: April 2022

The big news this month is that we have scheduled a groundbreaking celebration for May 17th! This day was a long time coming, and we are so excited to kick off the start of construction. We will be sending more information soon. In the meantime, mark your calendars. You’ve all helped make this possible, so join in […]

The Building Bulletin: March 2022

Good News! We are wrapping up the Final Development Plan with the city. All that remains is administrative cleanup, items like escrowing funds, paying fees, and recording our project. Our architectural team is working on putting the whole package together, and everything should be finalized by the end of the month. Our project has been […]

The Building Bulletin: February 2022

There’s been a lot of activity on the building front this month. If you attended services in person on Sunday or have driven past the church lately, you may have noticed that we have started removing trees to make room for our new sanctuary. While we are all sad to see them go, rest assured […]

The Building Bulletin: 2021 Year in Review

Building Year in Review The building project had a productive 2021. Last January, we had 50% design completion. We now have 95% construction documents, have passed several important milestones in the city permitting process, and are planning the actual construction! Here’s a summary of where we were, where we’re going, and what’s coming up next. […]

The Building Bulletin September 2021

The long and winding road…  The process of getting a building permit is much more complicated than you might think.  If you want a shed in your backyard, you submit a request, and the building department gives you your permit. The process we are going through with this building is another ball game entirely. As […]

The Building Bulletin August 2021

The Building Expansion Team is excited to update everyone on the hard work we have been doing to move us towards our new sanctuary!  Over the last few months, we have been meeting regularly with our architects, contractor, the city of Fort Collins, and working with different vendors as we move closer to our groundbreaking date.  […]

The Building Bulletin July 2021

We have passed another milestone! The Design Development phase is now complete.  Our next step is Construction Documents, so we are well on our way. The architects are limiting activity while the contractor revises the estimate to account for the more detailed drawings. During the detailed design phase, we identified some areas where we had […]

The Building Bulletin May 2021

The building project has officially completed the schematic design phase! It is great to see the project progressing after our year-long suspension. The output from the schematic design phase was a set of drawings and written specifications for materials and standards to be used in construction. This milestone triggered two important activities. First, our contractor […]

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