The Building Bulletin: January 2023

Each day, we can see new developments on our building site. Work has been progressing just as quickly as before now, but it’s much more visible now – we can see our new sanctuary! There is structural steel, a cement floor, and a roof deck. Coming up is exterior framing and sheathing. The concrete deck […]

New Partnership with Playcrafter Kids

As many of you know, part of our plans to fund our new expansion, include developing rental agreements to increase annual revenue. It’s our goal to do this by creating values-aligned partnerships that utilize our space in low/no use times. We are excited to announce a new rental partnership with Playcrafter Kids, a performing arts education […]

Announcing New Board Member and Supports!

We are happy to officially announce that we have added some additional board supports through the remainder of this governance year (through June 2023).  First, we are officially welcoming Joan Woodbury as a board member to fill the remainder of the vacancy left when Richie Nelson resigned in the fall. She will bring her experience as a […]

Music Newsletter: January 2023

Happy New Year! Music at Foothills is kicking the year off with a pickup choir this Saturday! We’ll be learning protest music of the civil rights era to sing for our Service on MLK Jr. Day Weekend––this event is open to everyone. Choir rehearsals will also be resuming next Wednesday, January 18. Later in the month, you’re invited […]

Series Invitation: Time Management for Mortals

Have you ever had a moment where you aren’t sure what year it is? Just a flash, even, where you get confused and think – wait – is it really 2023?!    Our human relationship with time is always complicated, but even more so as we attempt to emerge from what one of my friends […]

The Building Bulletin: 2022 Year in Review

Happy New Year to all of you! This is our 2022 “year in review” of our building project – a milestone, to be sure. Steel structure is underway, letting us see the shape of the building. The weather, illness and the holidays are making work difficult. We hope 2023 will bring better conditions to make […]

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