At Foothills Unitarian we are committed to balancing an accessible space for all with the desire for connection and community uninhibited by masks. We are grateful for the decreased spread and prevalence of COVID-19 in our area, and we have updated our guidelines accordingly.

As much as possible, we are continuing to offer in-person and online options.

Safety Guidelines for Indoor Gatherings

  • Medical-grade masks are required for all ages 3+ at Sunday services. We continue to require masks at worship because aligned with our values to protect the most vulnerable among us and to ensure everyone has access to worship. 
  • Masks are optional for all indoor gatherings other than Sunday services. It is aligned with our values to check in with each other and consider and see each other’s needs, so we encourage you to check in with your group regularly and see if everyone is comfortable with your group’s masking policy. We also ask that individuals be conscientious and wear a mask if they have recently had an exposure.
  • Groups of any size may sing together with masks.

Safety Guidelines for Outdoor Gatherings

  • Masks optional.
  • Groups of any size may sing together.
  • Eating/drinking is okay for groups of any size.
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