The Building Bulletin: August 2023

We have good news on the building front!! You may remember that the rooftop unit for our HVAC system has been delayed while we waited for a coil required for the air handling unit to be shipped from overseas.  We have been notified that the coil has been received and is being installed by the manufacturer. We now have a more realistic schedule for completion of the project.  

The unit is ready for shipping and will be delivered within the next two weeks. The delivery truck will be met by a crane that will pick up the unit and position it on the roof. Once in place, the unit requires about a week to set up and begin running. This is followed by a few weeks of testing and balancing.

Since the unit will be up and running during the testing phase, the carpeting and wood required to finish the sanctuary interior can be acclimated and installed while that work is proceeding, letting us finally see our beautiful new worship space.

The admin area remodel is generally complete except for some loose ends to be addressed. The staff has started moving into the new space, determining permanent locations for equipment and supplies, and organizing the area. A new heat pump is replacing the current furnace for this area. It has been installed and will be providing air conditioning to the office as soon as a minor electrical task is complete.

In other news, we will have to purchase a new fire alarm panel. We had planned to delay replacing the current panel, but it has proven to be inadequate and will need to be replaced.  We are still working with the fire department to get the final specifications.  A working fire safety system is required for any kind of occupancy in the new area. Until this work is complete, this is still a construction zone. Do not enter the area unless accompanied by a staff member.    

Recent storms have caused issues with the exterior landscaping. Keeping the grading intact and finding a dry window for pouring cement outside the basement door is proving to be a challenge. Graders will need to be recalled.  This means that large machinery will be on site again. Please stay out of the area.

Thanks to a great group of volunteers, our delivery of church chairs was unloaded and moved into storage on July 19. This hardy crew unloaded the truck, unboxed and unwrapped 400 chairs, and loaded them into the storage container. Many thanks to our volunteers and to Pinkard Construction for providing the storage container. After the carpeting is installed, the chairs will need to be moved from storage into the building, so look for additional opportunities to help in the coming weeks.     
In addition to the new construction, the courtyard will be refurbished, reinstalling the pavers removed during construction, and pouring some new concrete. The main door will receive new trim, flashing, and paint, providing a better first impression of our lovely new space.

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