Why we’re sticking with universal masking

Daily case numbers for COVID have dropped dramatically since their peak in the winter.  Hospitals are not overcrowded in near the ways they have been. Between the number of people who have had COVID in recent months and the numbers who have been vaccinated and boostered, there is quite a bit of immunity in our […]

Invitation to Regeneration

It’s been a pretty rough stretch these last few months. The war and devastation in Ukraine, the rise of anti-LGBTQ legislation and rhetoric, the worsening news of our climate – without any visible will to change – and, of course, the pandemic, which lingers both in cases and in financial, emotional, and spiritual impact. In […]

Welcoming Jenn Powell to Staff

At Foothills, our entire community does the work of ministry, not simply ministers and staff. This practice is core to who we are but can also create confusion as to the differences between paid staff and lay volunteers. Having strong boundaries that differentiate the roles of members and staff helps us manage the potential confusion […]

The Building Bulletin: March 2022

Good News! We are wrapping up the Final Development Plan with the city. All that remains is administrative cleanup, items like escrowing funds, paying fees, and recording our project. Our architectural team is working on putting the whole package together, and everything should be finalized by the end of the month. Our project has been […]

Music Newsletter: March Choir

We are joyful that with slowed spread and decreasing case numbers of COVID-19, live music and singing together are slowly returning as a regular part of our church life. Live music fosters a unique spiritual grounding, comfort, and sense of connection. We are grateful that the choir will perform at the memorial service of beloved […]

Music Newsletter: March 2022

We are excited to update you on what’s been happening in the Music Director Search since our last newsletter! Most excitingly, we’ve convened our Music Search Team (meet the members below) and posted the job. Before convening the search team, Rev. Gretchen Haley and Kelsey DiAstra (acting as project manager for the search) drafted a job description […]

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