Update on Post-Pandemic Church Plans (April 2021)

I’m just a few days from my second vaccine’s “full effect” date, and I can’t wait. I already have in-person get-togethers set for most of the following few days, not to mention a haircut.  I know not everyone is as eager as I am to launch back into non-Zoom life, but in the last few […]

Viewing Recommendations From Our Community

We might have a few rainy afternoons to fill in the next few weeks. Thank you all for submitting these recommendations! Here is the complied list of recommended viewing options from last week's check-in: 800 Words A Million Little Things All Marvel movies, in timeline order Amend Andy of Mayberry Any Ken Burns documentary (2 [...]

Honoring Eleanor VanDeusen

At our March 25th meeting, the Board of Trustees, in recognition of her 22 years of invaluable service to this congregation, paid heartfelt tribute to Eleanor VanDeusen, Foothills’ director of family ministry, and affirmed the granting to her of three months or up to 14 weeks of paid sabbatical leave. Eleanor has nurtured generations of […]

Vaccine Update (as of March 23, 2021)

NEW: Colorado has moved into Phase 1B.4. To learn whether you are eligible to receive the vaccine during this phase, please CLICK HERE. There are many options to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for anyone eligible. BIPOC members continue to be the most affected by COVID-19, and without sufficient leadership or planning at the national level, […]

Tools for our Self-Care Toolbox

Many people expressed appreciation for the deep breath exercise last week. Share another practice that you use to center yourself. Let's help fill each other's self-care toolkits! Cat stretching before I get out of bed followed by a glass of water. Essential oils and hot tea help me come into the present! Go for a [...]

A Look Back at Rev. Gretchen’s Pandemic Letters to the Congregation

“It’s somewhat of a spiritual cliche to talk about “one day at a time,” but in these times, I’ve found it to be a life-saving mantra. Some days, I’ve found it’s more like one hour at a time… So for this week, I’d invite you to think about how far out you can go in your thinking without compromising your connection to life in its fullest sense. How far out you can imagine before you lose sight of joy or gratitude. And then just stay in that place.”

Songs That Reflect Our State of Mind…

Last week we asked you to share a song that reflected your current state of mind. Here is what you shared with us:   "Ain’t Misbehaving” by Fats Waller “Anticipation” “Blue Boat Home” “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley “Happy” by Pharrell Williams "Heartlight" by Neil Diamond “I am” by Satsang “Mitten [...]

Changing the world in ways too small to fail

The start of 2021 is not a usual “new year.” We can’t make plans in the usual ways, and we can’t count on it as a new beginning the way we usually think about January.   Instead, we find ourselves in a unique in-between space, as we look back at the incredible change and challenges […]

Here are some of the jokes you shared with us…

Here is a cross section of the jokes that you submitted this past week. Apologies if yours does not appear; we erred on the side of caution in not offending anyone.   Children in heaven are in a line. Big, glorious, jucy apples await them. They are told that they may take ONE apple before [...]