Changing the world in ways too small to fail

The start of 2021 is not a usual “new year.” We can’t make plans in the usual ways, and we can’t count on it as a new beginning the way we usually think about January.   Instead, we find ourselves in a unique in-between space, as we look back at the incredible change and challenges […]

Here are some of the jokes you shared with us…

Here is a cross section of the jokes that you submitted this past week. Apologies if yours does not appear; we erred on the side of caution in not offending anyone.   Children in heaven are in a line. Big, glorious, jucy apples await them. They are told that they may take ONE apple before [...]

Navigating Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. And by that I mean - I don’t love the old stories that romanticized a relationship between settlers and indigenous peoples that resulted in their genocide! Obviously.  I mean I love the gathering together with people I love and eating great food and focusing on gratitude. It is literally my favorite holiday. [...]

Notice of Congregational Meeting: November 15, 2020

Foothills’ Board of Trustees is convening a congregational meeting online between services on Sunday, Nov. 15th at 9:50 am, for the purposes of approving the regular 2020 church budget. The meeting will be held via Zoom in Zoom Room 1. Please register in advance. The agenda can be found. in the packet linked below. Unitarian Universalist churches are [...]

Four Years Later, Let’s Gather Again…

Four Years Later, Let's Gather Again... Four years ago, November 13th 2016, our sanctuary was more filled than I've ever seen it.  People packed in, seeking solace and community, and a way to make sense of and respond to the election of Donald Trump. Many of you who will get this email will remember that [...]

I Am Only One

Since last October, Sanctuary Everywhere has grown from providing in-church Sanctuary to Ingrid, an immigrant from Peru with a deportation order over her head, to accompanying asylum seekers living in detention under circumstances you’ve read about; to working with lawyers to get parole for them; and to providing housing with a host family, and a Village to support them as the asylum seeker navigates their new life in this country.

Church of Humanity Worship Series

Most of us want to believe in the goodness of people – in our kindness, compassion, generosity.  It’s one of the longest-standing commitments of liberal religion. But then….reality hits.

Music Ministry Visioning Statement

As our church year comes to a close, so does our nearly year-long effort to synthesize and articulate a vision for music ministry and how our congregation sees it manifesting at Foothills and throughout the larger community as we move forward.  We conducted detailed interviews with some of the top UU music ministers in the […]