Your Guide to Fall at Foothills!

With the return to school, pumpkin spice showing up on shelves and water communion around the corner, it’s clear – Fall is almost here!    As we settle into new routines, it’s so important to be grounded in community and to carve out time for reflection and centering.    Find four steps to make church […]

In Case of Emergency: A letter from Rev. Gretchen

Dear ones,   If you were present in the building for services this past Sunday, you may have noticed a flurry of activity in the entrance area during the sermon, including the arrival of emergency services.  One of our members had a medical emergency which required urgent attention. We are grateful to report that this […]

The Building Bulletin: August 2022

There are more and more people in fluorescent vests and hard hats moving around our grounds every day. We are finally in the construction phase of our project!!   The new electrical transformer has been installed, and the old transformer has been removed. Switching the building over to the new transformer began on Wednesday and should […]

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