Your own tiny shifts….

What is a small shift or change that you have made at some point that had a beneficial impact on your life?   A keen awareness of surrender to what is. It gets tiring swimming upstream. Just learning to lean into the moment and appreciate all the attendant feelings. Adding tai chi chih to my [...]

New Year’s Resolutions

Last week we asked you to share one goal that you have for yourself for the new year. Here is what you told us:   2021 is the year of the Ox who is the slowest animal in the Chinese Zodiac reminding us to go slowly and exercise patience. So I am going to try [...]

These are a few of our favorite things (or moments!):

Last week, we asked you to share the memory of a favorite gift or gesture you received on a past holiday. Here are your responses: A barbie house ❤️ A letter/song about how wonderful of a mom I am from my preteen son about 10 years ago. A puppy! A surprise loaf of homemade bread😘 [...]

At the Crossroads….

Last week we asked you, "This moment represents a crossroads. How would you name these crossroads for yourself personally? What personal commitments or values ground you?" Here are your responses:   Are we there yet? Family grounds me, always. At A Crossroads, Contemplating The Year Ahead ... [😁In my typically verbose fashion ...] I see [...]

How do you describe Foothills?

Last week we asked you, "When you talk with your friends or neighbors about Foothills, what are the stories you tell? How do you describe Foothills?" Here are your responses:   A welcome place for all, great community for families, our people! A welcoming place no matter what you believe. The only church without a [...]

Spiritual Practices You Shared

“Do you engage in anything that you would consider a spiritual practice? What does it look like? What obstacles get in your way?” Thank you to those who shared their spiritual practices with us last week. Here are your responses:

Foothills Favorite Soups

Thanks for sharing some great ideas for soups to make this fall! Chili and Butternut Squash soup were the big winners. Here’s what was shared:

Songs YOU love!

We recently asked you "What is your go-to song for inspiration right now?" and you answered. Once again, we received an incredible response (thank you!) and have compiled a complete list of your song recommendations. Enjoy! To receive our weekly check-in notice, text the phrase "checksin" to 97-000 Foothills Community Inspirational Playlist “Beautiful Day” by [...]