April Fool’s Pranks

Last week we asked you to share a favorite April Fool's Day prank. Here are your responses: Conspiring with my son's coworkers at Avo's to prank him on our dinner take out order last week. Convinced my brother I won $1000. I used plastic food models at work. I brought them home and set the [...]

Easter Stories

Happy Easter! Last week we invited you to share either a favorite Easter tradition or a fun memory. Thanks to everyone who shared something! Here are your responses: Dying easter eggs Easter baskets! Easter dresses: mine was always pink and my little sister’s was yellow. We dyed eggs and hid and hunted them all day [...]

Heartfelt Moments from this Past Year

As we reflect back on all that has happened this past year, share one special moment that touched your heart during this time. All my friends, family and church members who have given their time and support even though their struggles may have been greater than mine. The saying, a single candle can break through [...]

Tools for our Self-Care Toolbox

Many people expressed appreciation for the deep breath exercise last week. Share another practice that you use to center yourself. Let's help fill each other's self-care toolkits! Cat stretching before I get out of bed followed by a glass of water. Essential oils and hot tea help me come into the present! Go for a [...]

Heartfelt Moments

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou. Share a moment when someone had a powerful and perhaps unexpected positive emotional impact on you. A friend told me, years later, that I was the reason she didn't kill [...]

Simple Rules

 What simple rules do you have (or aspire to have) that help maintain a sense of order or purpose in your life? Always choose kindness- to self, to others, to the planet. Always make the bed - last one up has to make it. Avoid arguments. Be kind and look for ways to help others. [...]

Lowering Your Bar

Where in your life would you like to "lower your bar"? Or, if you prefer, where have you already "lowered your bar" and felt OK about it? A couple of years ago I found an Enneagram book by Fr. Richard Rohr. I began to read the 9 personality types.  Well, I didn’t get very far.  [...]

Heart Broken Open

 This past Sunday's service was called "Heart Broken Open". Share a positive attribute or strength that was the result of an experience of heartbreak, either for you or someone close to you.  Became more in touch with my body and emotions after experiencing severe panic attacks in my early 20s. Having more empathy for women [...]

Your own tiny shifts….

What is a small shift or change that you have made at some point that had a beneficial impact on your life?   A keen awareness of surrender to what is. It gets tiring swimming upstream. Just learning to lean into the moment and appreciate all the attendant feelings. Adding tai chi chih to my [...]