Our Impact

Our Unitarian Universalist faith fiercely and unequivocally affirms all people’s inherent worth and dignity. When human and civil rights are threatened, our faith compels us to take liberatory action.


Action Update

In response to the leaked SCOTUS opinion that will presumably overturn Roe v. Wade, Rev. Gretchen invited us to “find [our] place in the collective response.” Because it is through the actions of communities across the country – including faith communities like ours – that we bend the arc of history towards justice. These are the moments to dig in and do the work. And Foothills is doing the the work in so many ways:

  • We are mobilizing partnerships with local organizations that continue to protect access to abortion in Colorado and that are readying themselves for a surge of people seeking reproductive healthcare from neighboring states where abortion is likely to be outlawed.  

  • We are organizing story-sharing circles where we can have a chance to share our stories around abortion and to hear and witness each other in these often complex realities. 

  • We continue to expand access to comprehensive sex education programs through our K-1, 6th Grade, and 8th Grade OWL programs. Your support of our mission and ministry make this comprehensive, values-driven programming possible for over 60 children and youth (both from Foothills and the wider community) every year.   

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, we formed the Vaccine Equity Coalition, an alliance of community partners that will have lasting effects on public health for years to come, especially in increasing access to healthcare in BIPOC and immigrant communities. We were honored as a 2021 BizWest Healthcare Hero for this work.

We look forward to continuing to make a difference side-by-side as we gear up for a long-haul, multi-faceted response to the rising pandemics of patriarchy, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, and anti-science.

From Be More Gay (our intersectional response to anti-LGBT+ legislation and violence) to Sanctuary Everywhere (through which we accompany asylum seekers building a new life in Colorado) to our mobilization for reproductive rights, everything we do is made possible by you

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