Our Impact

Our Unitarian Universalist faith fiercely and unequivocally affirms all people’s inherent worth and dignity. When human and civil rights are threatened, our faith compels us to take liberatory action.


Action Update

Here are some ways Foothills showed up for justice in 2022:

  • Over 30 kids and parents engaged with True You, our group for gender-expansive, trans, nonbinary kids and their families, and are receiving support, resources, connection, and affirmation. 
  • Under the leadership of our Climate Justice Ministry, we committed to Green Sanctuary 2030, a multi-year program that will engage the Foothills congregation in personal and community actions that focus on climate justice, resilience, and mitigation strategies honoring the interconnected web of life. 
  • Our newly formed Reproductive Justice Team of 30 Foothills members launched a wide variety of initiatives, including expanding OWL, our comprehensive sexual education program, forming an interfaith spiritual care program to companion people seeking services at Planned Parenthood, and directly supporting the efforts of UU congregations in more conservative areas, such as Grand Junction, Colorado, and Casper and Cheyenne, Wyoming. 
  • In December, we responded to a call from Larimer County for help, and took charge of securing housing, transportation, and financial support to 60 newly arrived Venezuelan migrants. We mobilized 60 volunteers and raised over $30,000.
  • We continued our commitment to housing justice through our service with Faith Family Hospitality and Habitat for Humanity and our commitment to food security through our twice-monthly Mobile Food Pantry. 

From Green Sanctuary to trans rights to reproductive rights, we are expanding our justice work in 2023. No one can change the future all alone. No one person can show up for everything everywhere. But together, one act at a time, we can bend the arc of the universe toward justice. Today, we ask you to act by financially support Foothills. When you make a gift to Foothills, you know you are supporting the future of a collective movement toward liberation for all – you are playing a part in the bend toward justice.

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