TV Recommendations with Rev. Gretchen: Nine New Shows

It’s June, which means this is my last post in this series! I hope you’ve enjoyed watching tv over the last few weeks.   The amazing thing about TV right now is that great shows come out every day, and new discoveries of brilliance, originality, and creativity are constantly possible. Which is amazing and also sometimes overwhelming because […]

A Year of Music-Making and Community-Building

Wow, it has been an incredible year for music ministry at Foothills! It’s hard for be to believe that my first visit to the church was one year ago this week. In the 10 months since I started serving as your music director, we have shared so many incredible experiences together. Let’s take a moment […]

June 2023 Series Invitation: Sit By Me

About this time last year, Carri and I started saying a new mantra to ourselves: leave the house.   It was kind of a joke, kind of not – because we recognized that we had fallen into some new habits during the pandemic that made it more likely that we would barely leave our home most days. Some […]

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