Celebrating Rev. Christopher Lamb’s Affiliation as a Community Minister

As a faith tradition, Unitarian Universalists are congregationalists – as in we gather in covenant in individual and interdependent congregations each with the unique right to call and ordain our own ministers. Except that we know the need for ministry and for Unitarian Universalism extends beyond the congregation out into the wider community. Ministry is […]

Your Guide to Fall at Foothills!

With the return to school, pumpkin spice showing up on shelves and water communion around the corner, it’s clear – Fall is almost here!    As we settle into new routines, it’s so important to be grounded in community and to carve out time for reflection and centering.    Find four steps to make church […]

Be More Gay: Channeling Our Queer Ancestors

Pride started with an uprising. In 1969 New York, drag queens, lesbians, gay men, and other gender non-conforming people fought back police attempting to arrest them for wearing “gender inappropriate” clothing – which was illegal at the time.   For a good portion of my life, I couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to […]

Roe v. Wade: What we can do

I want to get involved! Dear ones, We were both born after Roe, and we both realized today that one of our first real pathways to understand what abortion meant, especially what life was like before legal abortions, was the movie Dirty Dancing. In both our families, the movie was scandalous – both because of […]

Why we’re sticking with universal masking

Daily case numbers for COVID have dropped dramatically since their peak in the winter.  Hospitals are not overcrowded in near the ways they have been. Between the number of people who have had COVID in recent months and the numbers who have been vaccinated and boostered, there is quite a bit of immunity in our […]

Plans for MLK Weekend: ‘Visiting’ Milwaukee & Marching Together

In this moment, I know that many of you are navigating either COVID exposures, have a family member sick, or are yourselves sick. And others of you are medical staff and school staff who are being asked to give so much right now – too much. Please know that you are not alone, and please don’t […]

Convince Them You’re Right, and other ways to (not) fix broken relationships

There was a stretch of about five years when my partner and I would make every New Year’s resolution a commitment that this would be the year when we would make new friends. Having moved to Fort Collins after living in Denver for nearly fifteen years, with two young and busy kids, as well as […]

Pausing In-Person Church: An Updated Plan for COVID-19 Safety

You may have seen the “We Believe” signs across Fort Collins. What you may not know is that many of them came from Foothills Unitarian, and we stand by what those signs say even when it means making difficult choices. Believing science is real means paying attention to data even when it’s inconvenient, and the […]


2021 was full of innovation, connection, justice, and care. See the impact we had in our 2021 Annual Report. Everything we do is supported by your generosity of partnership in service and in financial giving. You are the reason that together, we can realize our bold vision and live our mission of unleashing Courageous Love in […]

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