What does Foothills mean to you?

WIth the anticipation of our Open House last week, we posed the question "What does Foothills mean to you?". Here are your responses:   “A community that holds me in love and support always.” “A spiritual home and community of friends & support in a troubled world.” “Another place that feels like home.” “Community and [...]

Open House Invitation

I have news that in the before times wouldn’t have been newsworthy at all: this Sunday, I’ll be at the church building! And so will Rev. Sean, Rev. Elaine, most of our staff, and a bunch of our lay leaders!  See, before COVID, this was definitely not a big deal. Ministers showing up at the church building on […]

Mount Rushmore

Last week we asked you, "If you could add anyone to Mount Rushmore, who would it be?" And the winner is...   First Place Winner: Barack Obama  (15 votes) Second Place Tie (3 votes each): Sitting Bull Crazy Horse Third Place Tie (2 votes each): Franklin Delano Roosevelt Martin Luther King, Jr. No one - [...]

Sanctuary Everywhere Update

With so much shifting so quickly, we wanted to take a moment to update you on one of our many impactful justice programs – and our July/August Share the Plate partner – Sanctuary Everywhere. We started Sanctuary Everywhere in 2019 when in-church Sanctuary was no longer a viable way to help immigrants at risk of deportation from actually […]

Words of Wisdom

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? "Always and forever, seek justice in all you do. It is your only path to a life that will give you peace and joy." "Always be kind & respectful of others." "Be kind to everyone. You don’t know their story!" "Be who you are, not [...]

Foothills Honored with COVID 19 Health Care Heroes Ally Award

We are so honored to have received BizWest’s COVID-19 Health Care Ally Award! Hearing the other honorees speak about their work at the awards ceremony (see the video below – Foothills is honored at the 17:08 time mark!) was truly inspiring. We would especially like to congratulate Foothills member Joel Bitler for receiving the Health […]

Leaning Into Transitions: Foothills Staff Retreat

This past week was the first in over a year that offered multiple opportunities for us to come together in person. IT WAS AMAZING! Many of you joined us in beautifying the church grounds through the Many Hands Project, a large group gathered to connect and support local restaurants at the FoCo Food Truck Rally for Friends […]

Ways to “Beat the Heat”

A few suggestions for ways to "beat the heat": An ice cold towel/washcloth etc. around your neck. And TONS of H2O. Bike early in the day do you feel a cool 😎 breeze!! Cold soup and sliced melon. Though acupuncturists recommend hot tea. Counter intuitive but it does work. There is a biological explanation that [...]

Reopening, Camp Recap & The Many Hands Project

We are so glad to have taken a big step toward reopening last week with the first session of Chalice Camp! Having kids back at the church was a breath of joy. From animal blessings to yoga, learning about Courageous Love to face painting, and science lessons to sing-alongs, campers built new friendships, learned about […]