At Foothills, our budget reflects our deepest values, such as what most needs care and attention in people’s lives, what it means to be a just employer, and where we most need to invest in our future to feed our vision for building the Beloved Community – a world free of oppression in all forms. There are no “them” in our church. Our church is 100% “us.” Everything we do, from our justice work to our community service, from cultivating the next generation of children to embrace progressive values to offering transformative programs for adults, is supported financially by the people of Foothills. We do things this way because we believe it aligns with our values. We are truly grateful for the gifts we have been given. That is what giving at Foothills is fundamentally about. Giving is an expression of gratitude for the gifts we have been given. It is our way of passing it on so courageous love may reach others. 

Share The Plate

During most weekly offering, we Share The Plate 50/50 with a community partner who is making a difference in Northern Colorado lives. Some of the community organizations we’ve shared the plate with recently, include the Immigrant Freedom Fund, Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and the Food Bank of Larimer County.

Make a Pledge Payment

This work of unleashing courageous love and building the Beloved Community requires all of us: our time, our passions, and our resources. Because our work requires so much and is 100% funded by the members of our Foothills Community, we ask everyone who participates at Foothills to learn about and pursue a path to giving at 5% of their income. Interested in learning more? Click HERE to find your place on the path to 5%. No matter what stage you are on your journey, no matter your income or church background, there is a step that will fit you.

Please consider setting up a recurring donation.

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Ministerial Discretionary Fund

Everyone needs help sometimes. The Ministerial Discretionary Fund allows the ministers to help out members of our community when they’re in a tough spot or support un-budgeted needs within the church or organizations doing work that aligns with our values. Whether it’s helping pay a medical bill, moving assistance, or something else, the Ministerial Discretion Fund ensures we can help even when other community resources or services don’t already exist or can’t provide what’s needed.

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Donate to Foothills

Gifts to the “Donate to Foothills” fund directly support our day-to-day church operations. We value being a just employer and maintaining a welcoming and safe building. By donating to this fund, you are helping ensure we can continue to function in alignment with these values and continue to serve our community for years to come.

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Capital Campaign

We’re growing – and that means we need more space! In 2019, we kicked off a Capital Campaign to support expanding our current campus. The project is now well underway (learn more HERE), but we need consistent funding to make all the necessary building updates a reality. If you’ve already pledged to the Capital Campaign, please click the button below to contribute towards your pledge. If you’d like to make a pledge to the Capital Campaign, please contact Katie Watkins at (you can do so before or after making your first contribution by clicking the button below!) One time donations to the Capital Campaign are also welcome.

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Non-Cash Donations

Donate your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat to Foothills. Avoid the hassle of selling it while contributing to Foothills. All qualifying vehicles (see full list of accepted vehicles) will be picked up from your home and, auctioned, and the profits given to Foothills by Insurance Auto Auction (IAA) Donation Division. You will also be able to file for a tax refund. Foothills will gladly accept any donation with sufficient value and a title. We do reserve the right to refuse any donation which does not meet these criteria.

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Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds

There are significant tax benefits for a donor who transfers stocks, bonds or mutual funds to Foothills Unitarian Church. You can fulfill your pledge, make a undesignated donation or even donate to the Capital Campaign by using this method. 

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Get Donation Statement or View Your Giving History

With so much of our lives moving online these last few months, we are seeing some impressive improvements in the accessibility of online information. We are excited to share that you are now able to see your pledge progress online! 

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