5 Things Happening at Foothills!

1. Halloween Church with Pumpkin Carving Join us for a morning of Halloween stories, ritual, music and spooky fun! Bring your pre-scooped pumpkin and carving tools, wear your Halloween costume and join your Foothills community for some serious Halloween merrymaking! This is a 5th Sunday so all of our pods are invited to attend as well as anyone who wants to […]

Join Us for Essential – Our October 2021 Worship Series!

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.  What we do with this hour and that one is what we are doing.” – Annie Dillard  Yesterday morning, just like every morning, I woke up to four different emails from four news organizations. Each of these had an attention-grabbing subject line: Dozens […]

5 Things Happening at Foothills This Week!

1. Join us for our new series – Essential. This Sunday, October 10th, we’re kicking off a new worship series – Essential! Together, we will focus on what really matters and distill our lives for meaning.   CLICK HERE to join us Sunday! (We have FOUR services – two online and two in person!) Read Rev. Gretchen’s invitation […]

Transparency, Trust & Covid Exposure

For as many times as we have said to ourselves, the pandemic is not over; and despite the ways we continue to make adjustments and sacrifices to reduce the risk of virus transmission, many of us still have the sense that given our vaccination status and the high rates of vaccinations among those we interact […]

What’s the big deal?

Sunday was a big deal. After 18 months of Sundays only online, we followed up our Water Communion Sunday by re-starting in-person services at 8:30 in the Sanctuary and 10:00 in the park, all while continuing full force with our online services at 9 and 11. All four services were perfect. And of course, by “perfect” I don’t mean we […]

The Building Bulletin September 2021

The long and winding road…  The process of getting a building permit is much more complicated than you might think.  If you want a shed in your backyard, you submit a request, and the building department gives you your permit. The process we are going through with this building is another ball game entirely. As […]

The Power of Being Together

It’s happening! This fall (can you believe it’s already here?!) is going to be one of the most memorable in recent Foothills’ history. We hope you’ll join us in our collective commitment to remembering – and experiencing – the power of being together in community. Here’s how to get started: First, pick your Sunday service if you […]

What it means to gather (Find your small group!)

One thing we kept hearing at Water Communion was how much people had missed the power of gathering in community.  Gathering – whether in-person or online – is an essential part of our faith. In gathering, we each are seen, heard, and held. We are reminded that we are never alone. Which is why we […]

5 Things Happening at Foothills

1. In-person services at 8:30 am and 10 am! CLICK HERE to learn about both in-person options! And find the one that works for you! Be sure to sign up as soon as you decide what service you’ll attend, as space is limited. If you’re a parent of kids who will join you on Sundays, please go directly […]

Water Communion Sources

Thank you to everyone who shared the location of their water source for Water Communion! Here is the resulting map - I apologize for not being able to fit the beautiful locations of Pearl Harbor, Hi and Lake Constance, Bregenz, Austria on there as well!