Reopening, Camp Recap & The Many Hands Project

We are so glad to have taken a big step toward reopening last week with the first session of Chalice Camp! Having kids back at the church was a breath of joy. From animal blessings to yoga, learning about Courageous Love to face painting, and science lessons to sing-alongs, campers built new friendships, learned about […]

Being Together IRL

During Sunday’s service, I asked how many of you typically have at least one awkward moment a day. The majority of you raised your hands. After 15 months of profound caution, social distancing, and, for many of us, long stretches of isolation, those awkward moments are more frequent than ever. And that’s okay! It’s normal to […]

Our Favorite Local Food

People are starting to return to their favorite restaurants! What restaurant(s) do you like to support in town? 415 Austin’s (3) Back Porch Café Bann Thai Blue Agave (2) Cacciatore Canino’s Charcoal Broiler Dazbog Domenic's (near Harmony and Lemay) FOCO Cafe Genoa Coffee and Wine Green Light Café Himalayan Bistro Inca Jeju Japanese Restaurant La [...]

What We Are Growing In Our Gardens (Or In Our Lives)

What are you growing in your garden this season? Or (for the non-gardeners) what hobby are you currently pursuing? About 18 years ago my wife and I completely replanted our yard, front and back.  Recent heavy snowstorms have seriously damaged several small trees and bushes.  The three maples we planted in the back yard have [...]

Annual Congregational Meeting Summary 2021

While we were celebrating Flower Communion, Christian churches across the world were telling the story of Pentecost.  Pentecost is an amazing, fantastical story where the people gather in one place (already, after this year, we realize the miracle in the story), and they each speak in their native language, which meant different languages from each other. […]

The Building Bulletin May 2021

The building project has officially completed the schematic design phase! It is great to see the project progressing after our year-long suspension. The output from the schematic design phase was a set of drawings and written specifications for materials and standards to be used in construction. This milestone triggered two important activities. First, our contractor […]

Our Dream Graduation Speakers

It's graduation week and there will be a lot of inspirational speeches being given by accomplished people. Who would you choose to speak at your graduation if you could choose anyone?   Alain Enthoven (if he was alive) Albert Einstein Barack Obama (3 votes) Barack Obama or Michelle Obama Benjamin Franklin Bernie Sanders Bono💖 Brené [...]

Partners for Peace: Personal reflection on Israel-Palestine situation

A message from Sue Ellen Klein, the leader of Partners for Peace and a member of our Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East team.    As a spokesperson for Partners for Peace, I feel compelled to comment on the current Israel-Palestine situation.  With all that is being shown and written about the situation, I […]