Faith in Action = Voting

We are all holding the tension of this moment, of the smoke outside our windows, the rising COVID numbers, and the pending election. At so many moments we feel powerless, but over the next few weeks we hold great power. We each have an opportunity to put our faith in action, as we cast a vote. A vote that enables us to make our values known alongside millions of other Americans.

Zooming Out, Seasons of Change, and UU the Vote!

As my kids have gotten older, we’ve learned to accept that whatever they want to watch on the internet, they are going to watch. It’s a little like when I was younger and my friends who didn’t have TVs would come over and want to watch TV the whole time. You just can’t stop teenage curiosity and ingenuity.

“Maybe” A Message From Tanner

I want to start this letter with my most sincere gratitude and praise. I have only been a part of this community for a few months, but I’ve learned so much from all of you. I’ve seen immeasurable graciousness, love, support, and care, not only to me but to each other. This type of fierce and unwavering compassion is rare and awe-inspiring.

Spiritual Practices You Shared

“Do you engage in anything that you would consider a spiritual practice? What does it look like? What obstacles get in your way?” Thank you to those who shared their spiritual practices with us last week. Here are your responses:

Are You Whelmed?

I don’t know about you, but my social media feed this Wednesday was filled with regret. I mean – regrets from those who’d chosen to watch the debate! And, who, even 24 hours later, were left with a sense of anxiety and destabilization they couldn’t quite shake.

Foothills Favorite Soups

Thanks for sharing some great ideas for soups to make this fall! Chili and Butternut Squash soup were the big winners. Here’s what was shared:

New Board Year, New Board Goals

Greetings from your Board of Trustees, who are digging into the work of the new board year with virtual meetings and real-life excitement about the board goals we have agreed upon for this year.