Celebrating Rev. Christopher Lamb’s Affiliation as a Community Minister

As a faith tradition, Unitarian Universalists are congregationalists – as in we gather in covenant in individual and interdependent congregations each with the unique right to call and ordain our own ministers. Except that we know the need for ministry and for Unitarian Universalism extends beyond the congregation out into the wider community. Ministry is […]

The Building Bulletin: September 2022

We are seeing a lot of changes on the construction site every day. To make it easier for you to see what’s going on, we’ve asked the contractor to take down the fence covering next to the patio and sanctuary. There is also one accessible window on the upper floor of the education building that gives a […]

Music Newsletter: September 2022

Hi All! This is Benjamin, your new Music Director! It has been a delight getting to know and make music with many of you since I arrived in August. If I haven’t met you yet, please come introduce yourself when you see me on a Sunday morning! So much has already happened in our music program this […]

Life/Changing: Fall Series Invitation

After experiencing so many changes, we are ready to slow down, and settle in. Regain a sense of predictability, and routine. We are not wired for so much in-between. And yet the world keeps turning. We face threshold upon threshold. Relationships end. Our bodies change. And so many more changes of our lives remain hidden, […]

Foothills in Wonderland: Annual Auction

We are thrilled to share that the Foothills Annual Auction is coming up October 8! Get your tickets today! This year’s theme is Foothills in Wonderland (costumes encouraged!). You won’t want to miss this night of fun, music, food, drink, and raising dollars for Foothills Unitarian – it’s our biggest fundraiser of the year! This year’s auction […]

Your Guide to Fall at Foothills!

With the return to school, pumpkin spice showing up on shelves and water communion around the corner, it’s clear – Fall is almost here!    As we settle into new routines, it’s so important to be grounded in community and to carve out time for reflection and centering.    Find four steps to make church […]

In Case of Emergency: A letter from Rev. Gretchen

Dear ones,   If you were present in the building for services this past Sunday, you may have noticed a flurry of activity in the entrance area during the sermon, including the arrival of emergency services.  One of our members had a medical emergency which required urgent attention. We are grateful to report that this […]

The Building Bulletin: August 2022

There are more and more people in fluorescent vests and hard hats moving around our grounds every day. We are finally in the construction phase of our project!!   The new electrical transformer has been installed, and the old transformer has been removed. Switching the building over to the new transformer began on Wednesday and should […]

Racial Justice Resources

Thank you to the Foothills’ Racial Justice and Healing Ministry (RJHM) for compiling the below racial justice resources. Click on the image category to see a full list. Join the RJHM’s email list to stay up-to-date on events, learning opportunities, and calls to action!

Be More Gay: Channeling Our Queer Ancestors

Pride started with an uprising. In 1969 New York, drag queens, lesbians, gay men, and other gender non-conforming people fought back police attempting to arrest them for wearing “gender inappropriate” clothing – which was illegal at the time.   For a good portion of my life, I couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to […]

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