April Fool’s Pranks

Last week we asked you to share a favorite April Fool's Day prank. Here are your responses: Conspiring with my son's coworkers at Avo's to prank him on our dinner take out order last week. Convinced my brother I won $1000. I used plastic food models at work. I brought them home and set the [...]

Prayers for the Trees: A Letter from Rev. Gretchen

Dear ones, It is the time of year when I worry about trees. It started just before talk of the last storm started up – and my worry proved warranted! Even weeks later, limbs lie forlorn at the base of trees all across the city, taken out by the heavy springtime snow. Or worse, the […]

Easter Stories

Happy Easter! Last week we invited you to share either a favorite Easter tradition or a fun memory. Thanks to everyone who shared something! Here are your responses: Dying easter eggs Easter baskets! Easter dresses: mine was always pink and my little sister’s was yellow. We dyed eggs and hid and hunted them all day [...]

Honoring Eleanor VanDeusen

At our March 25th meeting, the Board of Trustees, in recognition of her 22 years of invaluable service to this congregation, paid heartfelt tribute to Eleanor VanDeusen, Foothills’ director of family ministry, and affirmed the granting to her of three months or up to 14 weeks of paid sabbatical leave. Eleanor has nurtured generations of […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Update (as of April 6, 2021)

Great news! As of Friday, April 2nd, all Coloradans age 16 and older are eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine! (Right now, only the Pfizer vaccine is approved for 16+. You must be 18+ to receive the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines.) With so many now eligible, lists will get full off and on for […]

An Invitation to Our Easter Service, Tough Love Tells the Story

This Sunday, April 4th, is Easter Sunday! We will be wrapping up our Tough Love series with an exploration of how Tough Love Tells the Story. Which is a message at the heart of Easter, at least in the way we tend to understand it. After Jesus’ death, his friends and followers were disoriented and […]

Heartfelt Moments from this Past Year

As we reflect back on all that has happened this past year, share one special moment that touched your heart during this time. All my friends, family and church members who have given their time and support even though their struggles may have been greater than mine. The saying, a single candle can break through [...]

Letter from the Board: Restoring Wholeness

Sunday’s homily from Rev. Sean about how we respond to harm in our society, how we make amends for the harm that we cause, and how restorative justice offers a different response, might have reminded longer-term members that we have experienced misconduct from former religious professionals, that relationships have been lost in the aftermath, and that some […]

Vaccine Update (as of March 23, 2021)

NEW: Colorado has moved into Phase 1B.4. To learn whether you are eligible to receive the vaccine during this phase, please CLICK HERE. There are many options to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for anyone eligible. BIPOC members continue to be the most affected by COVID-19, and without sufficient leadership or planning at the national level, […]