Courageous Love

Sundays at Foothills

We are meeting in-person and online​

Every Sunday we offer two in-person services (8:30 & 10 AM) and one online service (10 AM)! We also have childrens’ and youth programs every Sunday.


Current Series

After all the change of the past few years, we all long to reclaim a sense of stability and agency. But the future remains uncertain and uncontrollable. Change remains a core part of being human. Thresholds – seen and unseen – are present in all our lives, and, with work, we can learn to be IN the experience together rather than fighting to just get through. Join us this fall for Life/Changing – let’s learn to navigate change together.

Upcoming Events

10 AM In-Person Service

A contemporary UU service (75 minutes) that begins with all ages together. After 20 minutes, children up to middle-school age go to small, peer-based groups

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We are a church of humanity, progressive in spirit, and hospitable to all forms of thought. Here we believe that every person is worthy of love without exception, and that we are all in this life together. Wherever you are on your journey, we hope you find in this community, a people. In this place, a sanctuary. And in this faith, a lifelong path.

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