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Our Current Series : Faith In Pieces

“Everyone has a crisis at some point. You’ll have one too.” These words from an Iliff School of Theology admissions counselor resonate deeply within our Unitarian Universalist community. Deconstruction—questioning and reevaluating deeply held beliefs—is a common experience that often begins with a significant life event or personal crisis. At Foothills, we recognize that this journey is ongoing and provides an opportunity for profound growth and transformation.

Join us for our new series, Faith in Pieces, where over the next eight weeks, we will explore the themes of deconstruction and reconstruction. This series offers a supportive space for healing and growth, helping us to continually rebuild and find meaning, belonging, and joy. Together, we will embrace the complexities of our spiritual path, finding resilience and gratitude. Whether you’re questioning, reexamining, or reconstructing your faith, you are welcome here.

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We are a church of humanity, progressive in spirit, and hospitable to all forms of thought. Here we believe that every person is worthy of love without exception, and that we are all in this life together. Wherever you are on your journey, we hope you find in this community, a people. In this place, a sanctuary. And in this faith, a lifelong path.

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Faith In Pieces Series Invitation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ztP9tdwsAU“Everyone has a crisis at some point. You’ll have one too.” These were some of the first words shared with me by an admissions counselor at

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