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Love Unites Us All

We are a church of humanity, progressive in spirit, and hospitable to all forms of thought. Here we believe that every person is worthy of love without exception, and that we are all in this life together. Wherever you are on your journey, we hope you find in this community, a people. In this place, a sanctuary. And in this faith, a lifelong path.

Life Can Be So Much More

We know what it feels like to want something more from life. We do, too. We can be more, do more, craft a life that matters more, when we do it together. We’ll meet you where you are, as you are. We’re not here to fix you or change you—only to offer opportunities to find connection, meaning, joy, and fulfillment.

Unleashing Courageous Love

Courageous Love lives in the practice where love of self, love of other, and love of the world come together and conspire to risk the highest good. By embracing our diversity, growing our faith, and awakening our spirits to the unfolding meaning of this life, we seek to unleash courageous love in Northern Colorado and beyond.

Are We Right For You and Your Family?

We are a church for all ages. A supportive place to wonder, discover and engage the world. And where all are called to live lives of justice making and compassion. If this resonates in your heart and mind, we encourage you to get to know us and hopefully joining with us in living a transforming and transformative life.

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