Unforgotten Futures Series Invitation

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Dear Ones: 

After four weeks exploring death and dying, this Sunday, our new series returns us to life…after all, it’s Easter

Easter is a story of life’s persistence, and a refusal to let death or despair have the final word. Easter is a commitment to hope, and a faith in a future beyond whatever struggles we face today.  

More often these days, people talk to me about dread for the future, not hope. And I get it. Some days, especially when I stay too long in stories of grief, and loss, and violence. When I get caught thinking the greed, and the extraction, and the ways we hurt each other are all just inevitable and intractable.

To help meet these feelings over the last few years, we’ve often turned to the spiritual tool of being present in the present. Yet ultimately, what we miss in only being here now is a vision, and a creative draw towards a radically different future.   

A radically different future requires dreams that are far outside most of what we see here and now. An inner sense of the world as it could be, as it should be. We need to remember the possibility of a wild future our hearts know is possible – a future that we glimpse in small fleeting moments in our everyday, and yet often forget.

To remember our future is to not lose track of these glimpses,. It is to claim our personal power and responsibility to shape the world where everyone is free. It is to refuse the idea that change is not possible, or that the current trajectory is inevitable. It is most of all, to guard our capacity to hope.   

Over the next five weeks, we will rekindle our hope, awaken our dreams, and we will remember the future, together.  

It all starts this Sunday with Easter, which is also Trans Day of Visibility! – 8:30 in person and 10:30 in person and online. Our Foothills Adult Choir will also be with us for both services, and we’ll have a new child blessing at the 10:30 service. Please bring (unused) hygiene products for donation! 

f you’re new to Foothills, you can find service details at foothillsuu.org/sunday and answers to our most frequently asked questions at foothillsuu.org/faq.

With love,

Rev. Gretchen

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