Governance Update from Jody Anderson

This update is a part of a Governance Update being sent by email to all Foothills members. The Board of Trustees hopes all members are prepared to vote on governance changes at our upcoming annual meeting.  Since the Governance Task Force formed about 18 months ago, we have received support and encouragement from members and […]

Following an Earth Based Path

by Libby, a member of Foothills I am a wildlife biologist and animist, which means I balance being a scientist with a belief that everything on our planet has a spirit. I also believe in the interconnectedness of these spirits in the web of life – whether at the molecular, physical, or metaphysical level – […]

Reflections on Foot Washing

Last Thursday, a group of about twenty or so, gathered in the evening for a Vespers service on what Christians call Maundy Thursday — or Footwashing Thursday. Church members Lenny Scovel and Karen Robinson reflect below about their experience at the first foot washing at Foothills in recent memory.

Chalk Angels

by Karen Harder This is a story about the power of prayer and sidewalk chalk.  For the past six months, I’ve followed a spiritual practice of daily prayer.  What I pray to has changed with each of the UU sources we’ve studied in our Wellspring small group.  But my format remains roughly the same:  name […]

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