The Building Bulletin: April 2023

The new sanctuary is really taking shape, both inside and out. The exterior insulation is finished, and the CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) exterior walls are getting taller. The standing seam metal roof has been installed – if you stand in the right place, you can see pieces of it. The interior has the stage floor […]

2023 Baby Blessing

As part of our April 9 Easter celebration, we joyfully blessed nine babies with a ritual and a promise to support them as their community for their whole lives. We asked the parents of the babies to share about their names, and you can find their answers below! Leo Henrry Alexander Alonzo – parents Marta […]

Series Invitation: Active Hope April 2023

Living in this world requires a certain compartmentalization. Otherwise, we’d be caught in an overwhelming awareness of ethical quandaries, grief for all that has been lost, and anxiety for all that we have yet to face. We try not to think too much about any of it and just do what we can and keep […]

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