Sinners & Saints: Week 1

Last Sunday we launched our series Sinners and Saints, and for the next 4 weeks we’ll be talking about the bigger questions that come up after things get personal – when we start dealing with the challenges of getting real with real human beings.

Sinners & Saints (Worship Series)

Explore with us in the coming weeks in our series, Sinners and Saints. We’ll be delving into what happens after things get personal — and the practices that help us break free.

Building Bulletin Sept. 2019

We are happy to announce that Pinkard Construction will be the Construction Manager/General Contractor for our Building project. The Building Expansion Team (BET) interviewed three firms and selected Pinkard as the firm that most represented our values and vision for the building.

Making a Difference in Fort Collins

One highlights of my sabbatical was my participation in a series of conversations convened by the Colorado Trust. For the last ten years, the Trust has been working in rural communities across Northern Colorado, and is now interested in bringing their organizing and funding into Fort Collins.

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