The Building Bulletin: January 2023

Each day, we can see new developments on our building site. Work has been progressing just as quickly as before now, but it’s much more visible now – we can see our new sanctuary! There is structural steel, a cement floor, and a roof deck. Coming up is exterior framing and sheathing.

The concrete deck for the new sanctuary floor has been poured. First, steel decking was laid down, then the concrete was poured on top. Since it was very cold that week, the decking was heated from below overnight in anticipation of pouring concrete in the morning. The concrete itself is at 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it has set, it is covered with blankets to keep as much heat as possible. There is still some concrete work to be done, but it is being postponed until the weather is more cooperative.

The focus this month has been the roof. Now that the steel structure is mostly in place, the wooden roof deck has been installed. The roof deck is constructed from CLT – Cross Laminated Timber.  A crane lifted the panels onto the roof beams. They are attached to the beams from underneath using large screws.  The wood and the beams will be visible in the new sanctuary. Having the roof in place gives a better sense of what it will be like to sit inside and look out the windows.

The next step is to have the roofer add layers; R30 rigid insulation, cover board, and a membrane. The roof will be waterproof at this point. Later in construction, a metal roof will be installed.

Next up is the exterior work. The framing was delayed by the snow but will start as soon as the steel is delivered. Exterior sheathing will be added, and we’ll have an enclosed space!

In partnership and with excitement,

The Building Expansion Team
Chris Bettlach, Jerry Hanley, Peg MacMorris, and Margaret Cottam

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