Vaccine Update (as of March 23, 2021)

NEW: Colorado has moved into Phase 1B.4. To learn whether you are eligible to receive the vaccine during this phase, please CLICK HERE. There are many options to receive the […]

A Look Back at Rev. Gretchen’s Pandemic Letters to the Congregation

“It’s somewhat of a spiritual cliche to talk about “one day at a time,” but in these times, I’ve found it to be a life-saving mantra. Some days, I’ve found it’s more like one hour at a time… So for this week, I’d invite you to think about how far out you can go in your thinking without compromising your connection to life in its fullest sense. How far out you can imagine before you lose sight of joy or gratitude. And then just stay in that place.”

Marking One Year of the Pandemic

Transformation is still happening – this is a moment to pause and consider, but not everything needs to be worked out right now! You are not behind! It’s ok to still be processing each of the major events of this last year. It’s ok to still be in the grief, the confusion, the getting by. We ARE still getting by.

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