First Times: Fall 2023 Series Invitation

Dear ones, I was thinking the other day about my first time being a supervisor. I was 23, and the closest experiences I had to draw on for supervision were one of three things: being the oldest sibling, group work in school, or being the director of a play. As the oldest sibling, my entire […]

The Building Bulletin: September 2023

HERE IT IS!! The long-awaited part for the HVAC system (the coil) is installed and ready to go! The five HVAC units have arrived, were installed on the roof, and are running. The arrival and placement were a fascinating production. Thanks to Peg for documenting the process! The crane and a flatbed truck arrive early in […]

UUs Just Wanna Have Fun: Foothills Annual Fundraising Auction! We are thrilled to share that the Foothills Annual Auction is coming up on Sunday, October 15, from 5-8 PM! Register today! The Foothills Auction is a significant driver of our impact! At our 2022 Auction, we raised $25,962 to support Foothills Unitarian’s mission to unleash courageous love and $6,202 to support the mental health […]

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