When Death Comes Series Invitation

Dear ones,

Death comes for all of us.  It’s a reality most of us try really hard not to think about, and spend a lot of time and money hoping we can fend off. Death is inevitable, but also somehow we have whole industries selling us on ways to put it off. Death is also intimate, messy, and universal. But somehow we have made it invisible, distant, formal, and private. Something we could, or should avoid.  

But this distance does not save any of us. Instead, it just keeps us from understanding and integrating this part of life into our lives. We need to turn towards, rather than away from our own impermanence, and the ways that the earth, and life existed before us, and will continue on long after we are gone. 

This is the practice of our worship series, this March. Together we will explore the practical and spiritual questions that arise when we turn towards death, and let this guide us in how we should be living, now. 

We hope to see you this Sunday for the start of this series, with Rev. Elaine leading us in a service titled, like the series itself, after the Mary Oliver poem, When Death Comes. Our Foothills Adult Choir will also be with us for both services.  

We gather at 8:30 AM in person and 10:30 AM in person or online. You can find service details at foothillsuu.org/sunday and answers to our most frequently asked questions at foothillsuu.org/faq.

With love,

Rev. Gretchen

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