Prayers for the Trees: A Letter from Rev. Gretchen

Dear ones, It is the time of year when I worry about trees. It started just before talk of the last storm started up – and my worry proved warranted! Even weeks later, limbs lie forlorn at the base of trees all across the city, taken out by the heavy springtime snow. Or worse, the […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Update (as of April 6, 2021)

Great news! As of Friday, April 2nd, all Coloradans age 16 and older are eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine! (Right now, only the Pfizer vaccine is approved for 16+. You must be 18+ to receive the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines.) With so many now eligible, lists will get full off and on for […]

An Invitation to Our Easter Service, Tough Love Tells the Story

This Sunday, April 4th, is Easter Sunday! We will be wrapping up our Tough Love series with an exploration of how Tough Love Tells the Story. Which is a message at the heart of Easter, at least in the way we tend to understand it. After Jesus’ death, his friends and followers were disoriented and […]

Foothills Works to Make Vaccine Access More Equitable

If you’ve been overwhelmed, frustrated, joyful, confused (or any other emotion) during the vaccine rollout, you aren’t alone. Like when the pandemic first began and everything was messy and uncertain, we’ve heard many of the same emotions expressed during this final push to defeat Covid-19 and all that’s come with it. One of the areas […]

Turn to Gratefulness

There have been a few really hard moments in the last few weeks, pieces of news, and losses to bear. Some in the church, some things personally, and of course, some things nationally. If you’ve been watching the impeachment hearings, the footage is difficult to take in, to put it mildly. These challenges are why […]

Things are better, so why do I feel worse?

Things are better, so why do I feel worse? If you’ve found yourself thinking this lately, you’re not alone.   With news of the vaccine, and the exit of the former administration, there’s a lot of reason to feel optimistic. Yet, at the same time, we know many people who are experiencing mental health crises, marriage struggles, […]

Vaccine Update (as of February 26, 2021)

Click HERE to see the latest Vaccine Update VACCINE UPDATE!  NEW: As of March 5th, anyone 60+ can receive the vaccine. As of March 21st, anyone 50+ can get the vaccine. There are many options to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for anyone age 65 or over. BIPOC members continue to be the most affected by […]

Vaccine Update (as of January 27, 2021)

Click here for the most recent vaccine update! Miraculously, less than a year into this pandemic, the vaccine is here. Also, good news: Colorado, in comparison to other states, has been generally successful at distributing our supply as it comes in. Be sure to check out the Colorado vaccine dashboard for details!   In early January, as Colorado […]