It’s Not Too Late!

Colorado weather has always been a little chaotic, and 2020 has brought all kinds of talk of us living in end times, but this week’s start of ash falling from the sky one day followed immediately by snow falling was next level apocalypse. 

The Power in the Familiar Made New

I am still feeling all the feelings from our water communion week! It was so wonderful to see your faces in the videos – and some of you in person at the few sites I was able to get to! It reminded me of how powerful it can be to find ways to both experience the familiar traditions as we move into the fall, yet also make space for innovation and creativity.

Ways to Mark Time

It doesn’t really feel like August, does it? August usually means back to school shopping, finding out where you sit and how your classroom will be set up.  Or if you’re not connected to school, August often means preparing for fall trips or projects. But this year…what does August mean?

This Is Where We Really Shine

If you aren’t connected personally with schools right now, it may not have seemed like a big and heavy week. But get a real check in with any local students, parents, teachers, staff or people who love any of these types and you’ll quickly get to the impossible question of what to do about school.

Have You Been Waiting for This Since April? We Have!

So many of our usual markers of time and the patterns that we have followed have been transformed or lost entirely in the pandemic. We have to be newly intentional in claiming a sense of time’s passing, and to honor the shifting of the seasons, the losses and the achievements both big and small.

Good News: UU Messages of Hope for Today (worship series)

Over the next six Sundays we’ve invited Unitarian Universalist colleagues from all across the country to share their UU message of good news for today. Each of our colleagues responded to this invitation in their own way, locating hope in a different source, and yet still grounded in the living tradition of Unitarian Universalism.

Guidance for Outdoor Small Gatherings

A couple months ago, when I needed to schedule a (virtual) gathering, it was easy. No one was going anywhere, and all the usual plans had been cancelled or postponed. But in the last few weeks, this has started to shift. Restrictions have lifted, and many of us are finding ways to get “away” for the summer, even if it isn’t quite what we’d originally planned. Once again we’re talking about doodle polls and “squeezing it in.”