Board of Trustees Winter Update

Foothills Unitarian Board of Trustees Informational Forum and Update Date:​ Sunday, January 22, 2018 You can view the video recording of the forum by clicking on this link and choosing the January Board Forum in the video player menu. Following is a summary of the meeting. Announcements: ● Recognition and thanks to the Auction Committee this […]

Showing Up for Democracy: The Women’s March

from Foothills Blogger, Jane Everham Brian and I attended the first March in 2017 where the organizers hoped for 20,000 attendees – they got 100,000 instead! This delayed the march as the logistics were re-worked, but the standing around with like-minded strangers gave us hope and good cheer. The 2nd Annual Women’s March took place […]

Progress Is Possible

from Foothills Blogger, Jane Everham “It is possible to make progress.” said Rev. Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, Executive Director of Colorado’s American Civil Liberties Union and Unitarian Universalist Minister during his guest sermon last Sunday. Rev. Nathan used two stories to illustrate his point. The first story was about the exertion required in the ground-breaking effort to […]

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