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Sinners & Saints: Week 3

The last two Sundays we’ve talked a lot about discomfort and harm in relationships. But it’s important to consider how these aren’t the same thing.

Sinners & Saints: Week 2

Since Kristen’s message on Sunday, I keep thinking about blame, and how often I’ve tried to shift my own discomfort on to someone else, including those I love the most.

Sinners & Saints: Week 1

Last Sunday we launched our series Sinners and Saints, and for the next 4 weeks we’ll be talking about the bigger questions that come up after things get personal – when we start dealing with the challenges of getting real with real human beings.

Sinners & Saints (Worship Series)

Explore with us in the coming weeks in our series, Sinners and Saints. We’ll be delving into what happens after things get personal — and the practices that help us break free.

Which Service is Yours?

This year, we’re experimenting with something new: three services, each with a distinct style, and yet all connecting us as one Foothills community.

Sliding into Service…

. . . is easy! Can you use the up and down arrows on your computer? Can you use a mouse? If you say yes to either question, then you can volunteer to run the worship slides.

It’s Personal

Have you ever noticed that whenever someone says “Don’t take this personally but” no matter what the next words out of their mouth can not be taken any way but personally.  When people have said “Don’t take this personally but I don’t believe being gay is nature”, it’s hard for me (Rev. Sean) to respond […]