The Building Bulletin: September 2023

HERE IT IS!! The long-awaited part for the HVAC system (the coil) is installed and ready to go!

The five HVAC units have arrived, were installed on the roof, and are running. The arrival and placement were a fascinating production. Thanks to Peg for documenting the process!

The crane and a flatbed truck arrive early in the morning. Note the dark clouds in the background.

Large discs were unloaded to serve as support for the extendable legs of the crane. 

Once the legs are extended, the wheels of the crane truck are lifted, and the legs fully support the crane.

Several large, heavy metal blocks were placed on the back of the crane to serve as a counterweight. The crane begins to extend. The crane extended into six sections.

The crane begins to extend.

Finally extending far enough to pass over the patio and oak tree to reach the flat roof that will hold the HVAC units. A practice run with an empty hook was used to verify correct placement.

Ductwork being delivered to the roof.

One of the units being unwrapped.

And delivered to the roof.

Another unit ready to go.

And lifted.

There are five units in total. All were placed in about three hours with no mishaps, and the job was completed before the rain hit.

In other news…
Our beautiful new carpet installation started last week, along with wood trim and the stage flooring in the Sanctuary. Installing the new carpet required the removal of the half wall separating the existing social hall from the new construction. It is wonderful to get a sense of how large our new entry hall is. This is still a construction area, so please honor the temporary barriers.

One of the problems we’ve encountered along the way is the drainage from our detention pond/rain garden. The original plan was to build a drain out into Drake Ave. Unfortunately, a concrete conduit for high voltage was discovered when the hole was opened into the street—this required redesign and reapproval from the city, and thus a delay. We are now draining under the sidewalk directly into the gutter. The city required a special galvanized plate to put over the sidewalk. The plate has arrived, and the sidewalk work started last week.

We are still waiting for the final approval of our Fire Alarm Control Panel design. The drawings have been sent to the Poudre Fire Department, and we await a response. Once approved, all required parts are in stock and available so the installation can begin immediately.

We still expect approval to occupy in early October, clearing the way for our first service on October 29th.  

This has been a long road for all of us. We appreciate the excellent nature and flexibility of the entire congregation and staff. We can’t wait to see everything come together for our first service in the new Sanctuary!
The Building Expansion Team (BET)
Chirs Bettlach, Margaret Cottam, Jerry Hanley and Peg MacMorris

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