Your own tiny shifts….

What is a small shift or change that you have made at some point that had a beneficial impact on your life?   A keen awareness of surrender to what is. It gets tiring swimming upstream. Just learning to lean into the moment and appreciate all the attendant feelings. Adding tai chi chih to my [...]

Acknowledging 2020

As we crossed from one year to the next, we also sought to encourage this kind of acknowledgment. The first week of January we prepared a message to recognize the challenges of 2020, and we engaged in some of the most meaningful experiences of community, creativity, and connection I’ve ever experienced. But then, January 6th […]

Caring and Circles Update

When colleagues ask me what I love most about Foothills, I always respond, “I love how they embrace learning and experimentation as a core part of who they are.” Over the past nine months, we’ve been doing a lot of experimentation. And I’m excited to give you an update on the culmination of nearly six […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Last week we asked you to share one goal that you have for yourself for the new year. Here is what you told us:   2021 is the year of the Ox who is the slowest animal in the Chinese Zodiac reminding us to go slowly and exercise patience. So I am going to try [...]

Changing the world in ways too small to fail

The start of 2021 is not a usual “new year.” We can’t make plans in the usual ways, and we can’t count on it as a new beginning the way we usually think about January.   Instead, we find ourselves in a unique in-between space, as we look back at the incredible change and challenges […]

Anger, Heartbreak, and Chaos at the Capitol

Usually when I write a post like this, especially in this last year, I start with a wish that I hope that this finds you doing well. But tonight, I am hoping that this finds you angry, and deeply disturbed.   Because what happened today in our country should anger and disturb all of us. […]