What’s the big deal?

Sunday was a big deal. After 18 months of Sundays only online, we followed up our Water Communion Sunday by re-starting in-person services at 8:30 in the Sanctuary and 10:00 in the park, all while continuing full force with our online services at 9 and 11. All four services were perfect. And of course, by “perfect” I don’t mean we didn’t make mistakes or stumble along the way. I mean, perfect as in human. There were tears, laughter, learning, stillness, and celebration. 
Sunday was a big deal, but it wasn’t the biggest deal. Because the bigger deal is what happens next. The most important Sunday is not the first Sunday, it’s the Sundays that come next. That’s what makes church work, after all. Not that we gather once. It’s that we keep gathering. It’s the Sunday-after-Sunday that translates into years and decades of memories and becoming, together.  
And so if you were present for one of our services this past Sunday, I want to invite you to come again this Sunday!! To the same service, or try another one. And if you missed this past Sunday, don’t worry, you get to come for the even bigger deal of the next Sunday. All of our services have space for you. 

With love, and in partnership

Rev. Gretchen

P.S. After you find your place on Sundays, the next step is to join a small group! Small groups are where we build lasting relationships and receive set aside time for spiritual grounding. This fall, we have three ways to join a small group. Wherever you are in your life, there’s a group for you.

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