(More) Tiny Revolutions: January 2023 Series Invitation

Dear Ones,

There’s a lot about life today that can be overwhelming. Especially as we contemplate the realities of the upcoming presidential election year, wrestle with the painful violence in the Middle East and in Ukraine, or simply balance all that is required of us in our daily lives. Many of us are carrying grief or fear and navigating significant life changes. Even if we know how we could make a positive change or find a greater steadiness through these shifts, it can be difficult to muster the motivation or maintain the habit over a long enough time – there’s just so much we’re trying to hold.  

But the good news is, sometimes, in the face of big challenges, our best bet is to think really small. To contemplate small shifts that we can make in our own lives and in our collective life that can add up to something truly revolutionary.  

Rather than great heroic acts or tidal wave shifts, this emerging way of being and beckoning call is made manifest in the ordinary, everyday smallest moves of our real lives. Moves that are too small to fail. Barely noticeable on their own. Yet over time, they spiral out across family systems, across communities, across all of life. Leading us to our most authentic selves. Partnering with Life in a greater sense of abundance for all. 

Join us this Sunday, January 7, as we begin our series Tiny Revolutions: Changing the World In Ways Too Small to Fail. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is! We first explored this theme in January of 2021. We are excited to re-engage the wisdom from this popular series and also to pick up on different threads fitting for life in its changes since then.  

We hope to see you this Sunday at 8:30 AM in person or 10:30 AM in person or online. You can find service details at foothillsuu.org/sunday and answers to our most frequently asked questions at foothillsuu.org/faq.

With love,

Rev. Gretchen

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