Your Brain on Lockdown

In mid-March, I remember thinking: by the end of April, we’ll know a lot more. Ha! Here we are, a week into May, and although we know some more about some things, a lot of other things are now questions! And it feels like it’ll be a LONG time before we will really know much for sure. We are learning (or trying to!) how to live with extended uncertainty.

What Can Save Us?

This is the week where my eyes decided they were done with video calls. Seriously, by Tuesday afternoon, I could barely open them. What stage of quarantine did you hit this week?

Good News if You’re Worried We’ll Get Too Big (To Love What Is Mortal: week 3)

A couple months ago, I showed up at a meeting where I was supposed to meet a Poudre School District administrator about a proposal they had for how Foothills could better support vulnerable students.  As I sat down, I thought I recognized the person they wanted me to meet.  But it took the whole hour before we both realized we live next door to each other!