You’re Invited to Celebrate Anyway!

Life has a way of throwing curveballs, and sometimes, we find ourselves in situations we never anticipated. But here’s the thing – even when the road is bumpy, the journey is worth celebrating. This Sunday, October 29th, we invite you to join us for a unique celebration that exemplifies the spirit of finding joy in […]

Online Auction 2023

Bidding is open for the 2023 online auction opens Tuesday, October 10 at noon!  This year’s online auction is HUGE – there’s something for everyone across all price points. Here’s how to participate: Step One: Register on the auction site. Registering for the Online Auction is simple – you don’t need to enter a credit card to bid.  […]

First Times: Fall 2023 Series Invitation

Dear ones, I was thinking the other day about my first time being a supervisor. I was 23, and the closest experiences I had to draw on for supervision were one of three things: being the oldest sibling, group work in school, or being the director of a play. As the oldest sibling, my entire […]

The Building Bulletin: September 2023

HERE IT IS!! The long-awaited part for the HVAC system (the coil) is installed and ready to go! The five HVAC units have arrived, were installed on the roof, and are running. The arrival and placement were a fascinating production. Thanks to Peg for documenting the process! The crane and a flatbed truck arrive early in […]

UUs Just Wanna Have Fun: Foothills Annual Fundraising Auction! We are thrilled to share that the Foothills Annual Auction is coming up on Sunday, October 15, from 5-8 PM! Register today! The Foothills Auction is a significant driver of our impact! At our 2022 Auction, we raised $25,962 to support Foothills Unitarian’s mission to unleash courageous love and $6,202 to support the mental health […]

The Building Bulletin: August 2023

We have good news on the building front!! You may remember that the rooftop unit for our HVAC system has been delayed while we waited for a coil required for the air handling unit to be shipped from overseas.  We have been notified that the coil has been received and is being installed by the […]

Rainbow Villages: Creating Sanctuary Under the Rainbow

In the wake of a tidal wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and hate which is sweeping our nation, I want to share with you what has been giving me hope.  For the last 3 months, we have been working at Foothills behind the scenes to launch what we are calling “Rainbow Villages.” Rainbow Villages creates sanctuary and support for […]

July/August 2023 Series Invitation: God. A Concept

God, the concept, has different names, metaphors, and practices across time and cultures. They all reckon in diverse ways with the fundamental mystery at the heart of existence. Often Unitarian Universalists think we must accept or reject the concept of God or Gods, but as we know, any binary is false. Our July/August series – God. […]

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