Get Your Name in the Order of Service

by Jane Everham, Hospitality Team Member

Anyone sick of seeing my name in the Order of Service every Sunday? Do you wonder how to get your name in the Order of Service?

It’s easy. And would it surprise you to learn that my volunteerism comes not as much from my generous heart as from my hedonistic nature? I volunteer at church Sunday after Sunday because:

  • It feels good.
  • I get to greet and see so many of my fellow congregants – new and familiar.
  • I receive tons of gratitude for being so generous with my time.
  • And it feels so good to give back to this church that gives me so much.

It is a crazy, scary, confused world out there and coming to church each Sunday is what is keeping me tethered to sanity, optimism and hope.

Help me feel less guilty for hogging all the cool volunteer jobs each Sunday. And do yourself a favor by signing up to join the Hospitality Team.

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