Making a Difference in Fort Collins

One highlights of my sabbatical was my participation in a series of conversations convened by the Colorado Trust.

For the last ten years, the Trust has been working in rural communities across Northern Colorado, and is now interested in bringing their organizing and funding into Fort Collins. True to the Trust’s mission of addressing equity and justice at a systemic level by empowering those most impacted by society’s inequity and injustice, they started by convening a group of about two dozen “thought partners.”  

Over four day-long sessions, our group of thought partners – all of us either a part of ourselves, or in direct relationship with, those experiencing systemic inequity and injustice – worked together to assess the community’s needs and existing resources, and if the Trust’s work would be a good fit for our city.

In one of the sessions, we broke out into small groups, with each group charged with answering questions especially related to needs, opportunities, myths and facts about social justice (and injustice) in Fort Collins.  As we began developing our answers, I realized just how many things people brought up were connected to Foothills! Not only is Foothills actively making a difference in our city, but people beyond our church feel the difference we are making.

As the day went on, none of us were surprised that the list of community needs was much longer than the list of current equity work identified. Also, not surprising, the list of needs was work that we, at Foothills, have already identified as areas where our congregation could make an even bigger impact, and be even better partners.

I wanted to bring you this story on my return so you can also see what a big difference Foothills is making – not just with those of us actively a part of Foothills, but to the Fort Collins community as a whole.  These Colorado Trust conversations are clear evidence of Foothills’ potential as we head into the Focus Group* conversations that we are holding throughout September.

Our new building is key to becoming even better partners in the work of equity and justice in Fort Collins – and far beyond, and key to fulfilling our vision of “making Unitarian Universalism accessible to all in Northern Colorado.”

We are asking everyone connected to Foothills to attend a Focus Group and join in our conversations on how we can build a building for courageous love. Sign up now

Let’s discover what’s possible – together.

*Haven’t heard of Focus Groups yet? Find out more here! 

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