In Your Words, Continued…

Our fifth weekly sharing of highlights of courageous love as experienced at Foothills and wishes for our congregation in the future.

These are some of the highlights and wishes that appeared with significant frequency in the data we collected from 22 visioning workshops with more than 350 participants during the month of October.

The Board of Trustees will be sharing the final guiding values and bold vision statements at the Foothills town hall meeting at 1 p.m. Sunday, January 27th, and we hope you will join us there. These values and vision statements, along with the church’s existing mission statement, will guide how the Board and the Ministry manifest our collective vision for Foothills over the next 5 to 7 years.

Stories of courageous love as we experienced it at Foothills:

  • Hearing Foothills member and CSU climate scientist Scott Denning speak about dealing with the hard truths of climate change.
  • The public statement of the “we love our ___ neighbors” signs placed on Drake Rd, pronouncing our compassion and connection. Feeling moved to be heard and place my own signs at home.
  • Participating in a Freedom to Marry Day Rally with Foothills’ high school students and other church members to courageously support gay marriage.

Our wishes for the current and future Foothills congregation:

  • That Foothills be a community that inspires everyone who hears about it, regardless of demographic affiliation.
  • That we create community space in our new building that becomes a social action hub for the wider Fort Collins community. That we become the resource for Northern Colorado, with our OWL sexuality education, our community action, and our social and environmental justice work.
  • That we depolarize our community and country; we find common ground in conversations with people who hold different beliefs; we get rid of the echo chamber and create more shared experiences.

– Sue Sullivan, Secretary, Board of Trustees


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