In Your Words, Continued….

Our fourth weekly sharing of highlights of courageous love as experienced at Foothills and wishes for our congregation in the future

These are some of the highlights and wishes that appeared with significant frequency in the data we collected from 22 visioning workshops with more than 350 participants during the month of October. The board is using this data and feedback to discern our collective values and our guiding vision for Foothills over the next five to seven years.

Courageous love as we experienced it at Foothills:

  • I watched an introvert who hates public speaking volunteer to teach RE; their dedication to this community and willingness to serve was inspiring.
  • Being involved in church leadership and finding that we’d become mature in how we lead the congregation and adjust the direction of the church. Being transformed personally by leading with courageous love.
  • Being in a small-group ministry — learning to listen deeply and having real life practice in being open in a diverse group. This new experience was particularly powerful due to the nature of the small group.

Our wishes for the current and future Foothills congregation:

  • Every single person’s gift to congregation is named and recognized and nurtured. The gift is one that the person him- or herself identifies.
  • We expand how we serve each other and the community in ways that feed us spiritually, and so that members of all ages can serve.
  • We create volunteer recruitment and training for introverts and extroverts, so that we are overflowing with qualified and willing volunteers.

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