Sermon: “We Are Not Fixed Beings” from Rev. Gretchen Haley and Rev. Elaine Aron-Tenbrink

Rev. Gretchen Haley and Rev. Elaine Aron-Tenbrink - June 8, 2022

We Are Not Fixed Beings

We Are Not Fixed Beings

Every person contains contradictions and complexities beyond what you might ever imagine. Even you. There are parts of ourselves that lay dormant or emerge at different stages of our lives and can come as a big surprise when they do. One of the gifts of a diverse, multi-generational community is that through relationship we can better see and know the fullness of our own stories and the fullness in others. Rev. Gretchen explores our ability to grow and shift in a short homily about learning to play pickleball and Rev. Elaine speaks with leaders of the Foothills' Slightly Senior Sisterhood, a long-sustaining and integral group of 50+ women at the church.

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