Sermon: “How to fail at the right things” from Rev. Sean Neil-Barron

Rev. Sean Neil-Barron - October 5, 2023

How to fail at the right things

How to fail at the right things

Rev. Sean explores how Courageous Love requires us to take Courageous Risks. The fear of failure often stems from the misconception that failure equates to being a bad human being. By challenging this notion and reframing failure, Rev. Sean will help us gain tools for leading a life of unleashing Courageous Love.

From Series: "First Times"

First times are awkward, messy, disorienting, slow, and often embarrassing. And also, first times are the best opportunity to learn something we didn’t know before. They are the best chance we have for growth and for change. Brené Brown calls this experience of “firsts” TFTs, or Terrible First Times, because our first times are usually not what we expect. Whether we’re talking the first time we say our truth, the first time we leap into justice work, the first time we fall in love, or the first time we do something without someone we love. First times can make us feel insecure, incompetent, and out-of-sorts. We start to doubt ourselves globally. When really, it’s just a TFT! Join us for a series exploring all of our first times. We’ll share strategies to help you stay present to the joy and the wonder of the first time and to help us reconnect with our bigger why that inevitably and beautifully fills our life with TFTs.

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