Sermon: “Decentered or Erased?” from Rev. Sean Neil-Barron

Rev. Sean Neil-Barron - September 21, 2023

Decentered or Erased?

Decentered or Erased?

One of the loudest conversations in our culture today is about the telling of history. Whose voices are included? What perspectives matter? Who is left out? And who decides? The storytellers dramatically shape the story, after all. Join Rev. Sean as he leads us in examining belonging, equality, and the call for repair.

From Series: "The Tolerance Trap"

We are Universalists, which means no one is outside the circle of love. Everyone’s in. No exceptions. This is one big reason we welcome everyone, regardless of their beliefs. We know everyone has a piece of the truth and need everyone’s perspective to help make sense of the whole. But what about those people who hold views radically divergent from our core values? What about…White Supremacists? …Anti-Gay Activists? …my anti-vax cousin? …my Trump-supporting friend? Where are the legitimate limits of our capacity to tolerate difference, and what’s just our version of religious hypocrisy? We’re diving into The Tolerance Trap, a two-episode mini-series exploring the nuances of Universalism, the fallacy of neutrality, and the inescapable paradox of tolerance.

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