Sermon: “Cosmos and the Goddess” from Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker - September 1, 2023

Cosmos and the Goddess

Cosmos and the Goddess

Join us for an enlightening conversation featuring Reverend Sean-Neil-Barron, Beckie Wagner, and Dr. Scott Denning. In this episode, we explore the profound empowerment that Earth-based spirituality offers. Learn how connecting with the Earth and the universe around us can ignite our sense of agency in shaping our lives. By remembering and centering our relationship with nature, we can reconnect with our inherent creative power.

From Series: "God. A Concept."

Welcome to our new series – God. A Concept: A Universe of Meaning. This series is an invitation to grow – to contain more of the experience of this life, which includes people’s beliefs and experiences of God that we do not share or understand. The invitation of this series is not to change your beliefs but to expand your understanding – and grow your capacity to love more parts of the world.

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