Ways to “Beat the Heat”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A few suggestions for ways to “beat the heat”:

  • An ice cold towel/washcloth etc. around your neck. And TONS of H2O.
  • Bike early in the day do you feel a cool 😎 breeze!!
  • Cold soup and sliced melon. Though acupuncturists recommend hot tea. Counter intuitive but it does work. There is a biological explanation that I don’t remember.
  • Soak yourself completely then do whatever it is.
  • Drink iced tea.
  • Get up at 4 am. The cool morning is wonderful.
  • Hang is the basement if at all possible 😀
  • Head to the mountains if you can!
  • I am lucky enough to have a pool at my apartment complex!
  • I have been getting up at 3am to start my day. Then a nice mid-afternoon nap when it is too hot to do anything anyway.  I also open all the windows at night to let the house cool down then close it up for the daytime.  Last year I couldn’t do this because of the smoke.  Gosh, I really like fresh air but gosh, I really dislike smoke!  I hope we have a very small, quiet wildfire season this year.
  • I wiped off a windowsill this morning. My sponge came up black from wildfire soot!  Yipes, how soot covered is the rest of my house!?!
  • It helps me to wrap a polymer-filled fabric tube around my neck… soak it in water for an hour before wearing it; the polymer crystals soak up the water and evaporate slowly throughout the day to provide a cool surface against my skin.
  • It’s far from unique, but I like being in or around a body of water & drink lots of water
  • North side porch always shaded. Usually a slight breeze. Cool washcloth on neck and water pitcher (no ice) is all I need. (I dislike A/C a lot!)
  • Run through a sprinkler.
  • Run through the sprinklers! Anywhere you can find sprinklers- your yard, neighbor’s yard, go for it. 😁
  • Sit in a kiddie pool in the shade, add ice & drink iced tea!
  • Spend a day at Dowdy Lake in Red Feather Lakes, maybe with kayak, canoe, paddle board etc. 8100 feet and much cooler.
  • Swim at Horsetooth!
  • Freeze coffee in ice cube trays to add to coffee for cold, cold, non-diluted coffee!
  • Use a golf cart and play early.
  • Visit someone in the hospital. Hospitals are always very, very cold.
  • Wading pool, river, lake, higher altitude!
  • We are retired so we go out early and have somewhat moved to our basement, about 20 degrees cooler.


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