July/August 2023 Series Invitation: God. A Concept

God, the concept, has different names, metaphors, and practices across time and cultures. They all reckon in diverse ways with the fundamental mystery at the heart of existence. Often Unitarian Universalists think we must accept or reject the concept of God or Gods, but as we know, any binary is false.
Our July/August series – God. A Concept – is an exploration of ideas about Gods you might not have considered. Inviting even the non-theists amongst us to explore how various concepts of God might provoke, inspire, and deepen our theological imagination. Helping to move through past religious trauma, not simply through the deconstruction of old beliefs but towards the reconstruction of new ones.

This series invites us to grow – to contain more of the experience of this life, which includes people’s beliefs and experiences of God that we do not share or understand. The invitation of this series is not to change your beliefs but to expand your understanding – and grow your capacity to love more parts of the world.

Join us this Sunday at 9:30 AM in person or online as we kick off our new series God. A Concept with a service titled Why “God”? Together, we’ll explore the universal presence of the concept of God across human civilizations and why the category of God is crucial for living a full life, even for humanists and atheists.

Rev. Sean

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