September 2022 Board Update to the Congregation

Greetings from your Foothills Board of Trustees,

The crisp air of fall is beginning to remind us that we are once again at the fall equinox and the nights will continue to get longer, the days shorter, and the inevitable winter is not far behind.

The end of summer and start of fall is also the end of one board year and the start of another. The board just completed its annual Board of Trustees retreat. A time to welcome our new board members and begin the integration of this new board’s identity and agreement on the board’s covenant and the goals to be addressed this coming year. The deepening of relationships and trust between members has always been a most rewarding benefit to board service and this year has been no exception.

One of the changes decided on this year was having our monthly board meetings to be the first Thursday of the month. 

On a sad note, we bade goodbye to board member Richie Nelsen. His increasing work commitments and his needs at home to father a rambunctious two-year-old made it impossible to balance all these commitments and do them all justice. We wish Richie and his young family the best and look forward to seeing them all on Sunday, and we welcome Richie’s continued service to Foothills as time and energy allow.

In your service,

Walter Nash
Board of Trustees President

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