The Building Bulletin: August 2022

There are more and more people in fluorescent vests and hard hats moving around our grounds every day. We are finally in the construction phase of our project!!  

The new electrical transformer has been installed, and the old transformer has been removed. Switching the building over to the new transformer began on Wednesday and should be complete by the time you read this. While it sounds like all that’s involved is to flick a switch, it turns out to be much more complicated.  ike every project big or small, there are always unknowns to be discovered. The loss of power during the switch has been disruptive to our staff. While we are working hard to minimize disruptions to our community, we will all inevitably have to make adaptations and adjust to interruptions in our usual day-to-day throughout this big and exciting project. We are grateful for their and your flexibility and patience.

Since we’re now in the thick of things and there is more to see on site, the BET has begun meeting weekly in the construction trailer. Representatives from the contractor and the architects get together with us to talk about details that need addressing, progress, and scheduling. Despite all we’ve gone through to get to this point, we never run out of things to discuss.

The removal of the old transformer has opened the way for demolition and earth moving. Over the coming month, the breezeway and the mechanical shed will be removed. Some preliminary work will be done in the basement entry to the RE building and some interior demolition will be done in the administrative area. The earth movers will be working next week to remove the tree stumps and do other preliminary digging.

There is a bit more asbestos remediation that we need done in the social hall. The soffit over the glass doors and the back wall of the sound booth need remediation before we can demolish the exterior wall and run new conduit. The work is scheduled for September 5th and 6th.  As a reminder, the air quality is tested before the workers leave the site, so you can be reassured that the air is good to breath after the work is completed.  

It is very exciting to see work occurring. Please remember that this is now an active work site. For your safety, stay outside of the fenced area and be aware of your surroundings when you visit the building. Our completion date is scheduled for May 18, and our move in date is May 23.

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