Invitation to Regeneration

It’s been a pretty rough stretch these last few months. The war and devastation in Ukraine, the rise of anti-LGBTQ legislation and rhetoric, the worsening news of our climate – without any visible will to change – and, of course, the pandemic, which lingers both in cases and in financial, emotional, and spiritual impact.

In these times of challenge and anxiety, we can get caught in information overwhelm, a sense of despair or burnout, or the feeling that we must sacrifice ourselves to save ourselves. 

But the good news – so evident this time of year – is that the earth invites us to another way. To practice revival even in the midst of decay. To walk away from extractive relationships with ourselves that strip-mine our resilience and transactional relationships with others that commodify life. To bring our world back to life by bringing ourselves back to life. To put Life at the center of life. 

This spring, join us as we bring ourselves back to Life with our new series Regeneration. It all starts this Sunday with our service, “Life Saving.” Join us in person at 8:30 or 10 AMon Zoom at 9 AMor watch our 11 AM broadcast. Hope to see you there!

With love and hope,

Rev. Gretchen

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