Making Peace with What Haunts Us (Day 4)

Though many of you may have heard it on Sunday, I’d like to start today’s practice off by revisiting a portion Rev. Elaine’s chalice lighting from Sunday:

I invite you to Rev. Elaine’s words in your heart as you embark on the following practice.


In her sermon Sunday, Rev. Elaine teaches how naming our shame can be healing – even life-giving. 

To begin the practice of naming our shames, get a writing instrument and paper, and find a comfortable seat. 

Then move through the journaling prompts below:

1. What is your earliest memory of feeling shame?

2. What does shame feel like in your body? Where in your body does it live? How does it affect your breath, belly, hands, shoulders, jaw?

3. Have you ever avoided something because of feeling shame?

4. Is there anything that you regularly feel shame around? It may be related to relationships (like parenting), your body, work, money, or something else entirely. When did you first start to feel shame about this thing?

This exercise aims not to eradicate shame but rather to recognize and honor that there is healing power in the naming. There is power in exploring our experiences with shame, while holding the truth that nothing can ever deplete our inborn worth and beauty. 

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