Reopening, Camp Recap & The Many Hands Project

We are so glad to have taken a big step toward reopening last week with the first session of Chalice Camp! Having kids back at the church was a breath of joy. From animal blessings to yoga, learning about Courageous Love to face painting, and science lessons to sing-alongs, campers built new friendships, learned about Unitarian Universalism, and connected with our Foothills community. 

As we’re exploring in our June Worship Series, IRL, returning to being together in person can feel joyful, overwhelming, thrilling, confusing, exhausting, and even downright awkward. On Tuesday, we were so happy to connect with 18 of you at the FoCo Food Truck Rally for the first group gathering of Friends Night IRL, our IRL series practice. As our Communications Manager Kelsey shared: “I forgot what to do with my face after months of being covered by a mask.” And you know what? That’s okay! We’re all bound to have our “strange face” moments. That’s why we’re embarking on the IRL journey together – to practice those social skills that may have grown rusty, to embrace the uncertainty, to find belonging and acceptance even and especially when it’s awkward.

If you couldn’t make it on Tuesday (We get it. It was HOT!), you have two more opportunities to join us at the Food Truck Rally for Friends Night IRL. We’ll be there Tuesday, June 22nd and 29th, starting at 5:30 pm in City Park. You can also participate in Friends Night IRL on your own time. Learn more by clicking on the image below!

Being together for flower communion, camp, and other small get-togethers over the past few weeks has made us even more eagerly anticipate the return to our beloved church for regular gatherings and services. After over a year of being away, though, we recognize that some places on our property could benefit from some TLC. In keeping with our dedication to serve, Foothills’ Program Coordinator, Amy Gage, is organizing The Many Hands Project so we can work together to spruce up our space.

We invite you to serve our church and each other by taking on some of the identified projects to help fix up our grounds. Together, we can help beautify this safe space for ourselves and each other as we slowly transition back together again.
Please CLICK HERE to register for one of the listed projects, and we will get ahold of you to discuss the details and schedule a date and time. Some projects are more appropriate for groups, and some are more appropriate for individuals. 
Some of these opportunities you can do in your own time. Others will be done in small groups where there will be a chance to gather afterward and socialize. You can indicate your preference in the registration questionnaire.
If you have a special skill set that might be well-suited for a specific project, please let us know by emailing Amy at
You can also learn more about our plans for reopening by visiting
We look forward to setting you and your family soon!
In love, joy, and partnership,
Rev. Gretchen

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