Heartfelt Moments from this Past Year

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As we reflect back on all that has happened this past year, share one special moment that touched your heart during this time.

  • All my friends, family and church members who have given their time and support even though their struggles may have been greater than mine. The saying, a single candle can break through the darkness has never been more apropos for me. Thank you all.✌️🕊️💞
  • All of the people in my circle group who helped me move and brought me meals. I am grateful for such wonderful people.
  • Being asked to help in COVID-19 preparation. Knowing that being retired did not end my usefulness to society was a big thing.
  • Birth of my granddaughter.
  • Families spending more time together.
  • Friends who are trying creative pursuits like painting to get through the pandemic. I have a painting from a childhood friend hanging in our bedroom now and an inspirational rock from a close church friend in our back garden.
  • I was meandering in Old Town with my nine year old granddaughter and gave her a little money to spend to support local stores. She found a stuffed animal that her 13 year old sister had been craving and spent her money on her older sister instead of herself. She melts my heart every day.
  • My (now former) boss/friend asked me if there was anything we wanted/needed from Costco, as we didn’t want to go out shopping!
  • Not one moment, but all the special things the staff where Jeanne Kennedy lives and all the extra work and precautions they have taken. Since families can’t come in, they’ve upped their activities to keep the residents more engaged.
  • Numerous Kindemic visits & related opportunities to pass it on.
  • Personal stories such as Chalice Lightings by Ben Manvel and by April Undy; also Memorial Service conducted by Rev. Elaine for Leah Aylward.
  • Seeing Mom light up when she speaks with her grand & great grandchildren.
  • Someone in our congregation brought us dinner after our dog died.
  • Spent more time with our kids and grandkids on Zoom or FaceTime than ever before and LOVED it!🥰
  • The care and connectedness of our community.
  • The diversity represented in the state roll call during the Democratic National Convention.
  • The flower communion in our specific area meant so much to me… I felt very connected, these were people that are in my extended neighborhood and I found it comforting because I never felt alone really did not feel alone after that connection. These are people that are physically reachable… Because I felt if I have an emergency of some kind, these people are within walking or easy driving distance.  It was very special for me…. it brought me to tears.   In my brain I know I really do know that I can reach out but to have that physical presence right there right physically there with me wow it was life-changing for me.
  • The gift bag I received from the church when I was depressed. The help from neighbors and the AAA man shoveled snow so we could get the car out onto the street.
  • The innocence and honesty of children.
  • Watching my previously not close younger kids become closer.


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