Sliding into Service…

. . . is easy! Can you use the up and down arrows on your computer? Can you use a mouse? If you say yes to either question, then you can volunteer to run the worship slides.

The slides are all set up for you, in order, each Sunday by our A/V maven!

You need to be at church 10-15 minutes before the start of service.

Take your seat at the computer when the ministers walk into the Sanctuary.

You will want to listen deeply and pay close attention to the service which enables you to get so much more out of the service — no daydreaming looking out at the mountain view.

Singing along with the songs helps with the progression of slides.

Every possible mistake has been made with no ensuing crisis. The A/V folks can proclaim that we are a most forgiving congregation.

Finally, and most importantly, other UUs will be impressed by what seems to be your courage and techno-savvy and will shower you with gratitude. Can’t we all use a dose of gratitude?!

Jane Everham,
Member of the Slide Team

P.S. To join the Slide Team, fill out the form here, or use the blue Find Your Place pew card.

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