Calling on UUs to Live Out a Basic Principle

Climate Justice Ministry is on fire (metaphorically) to get something GREEN going for our community, even while we start on the building expansion which is also incorporating many environmentally sound ideas. Many of us are passionate about doing something positive for our climate.

And while stating what we believe, if we don’t act, it’s not going to do a thing. Some of us bike to church, some have hybrids or electric vehicles, and even a couple of Teslas were spotted in the parking lot last week. Since we all believe in the interconnected web of life AND want to build beloved community, what is ONE thing we could do? 

CARPOOL to church!  If we could find pockets of Ft. Collins where UUs live, and who would be willing to carpool, say, just once a month, we could change our carbon footprint. But isn’t there an app for that? We have researched this avenue, and frankly there isn’t. Sara Steen and Terri Thorburn researched this quite a bit. The problem with existing carpooling apps is that they are localized–they are developed for particular areas (almost all major metropolitan regions), and can’t be used outside of those areas. Sara’s husband develops apps like this, and he believes it would cost at least $5,000, if not closer to $10,000-15,000 to develop our own version! Probably not the best use of church resources at this time.

Lastly, one can’t really know the great relationships that could come out of carpooling with your UU neighbors. Of course, schedules can change and you might have to develop some different habits, but it’s worth giving it a try!

We hope you would be interested in taking a survey to help Climate Justice Ministry meet this goal of getting more people to church with less of a carbon footprint, please click on this link, and see how we might be able to link up!   

Terri Alles-Thorburn
Foothills Member

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