Change Lives! Be a Kids’ Small Group Leader!

Did you know that the number one factor influencing the thriving of children and youth is a positive relationship with an adult who is not their parent?! You can be that person in the life of our kids here at Foothills! We are looking for small group leaders for our Sunday Small Groups for children and youth for the 2019/2020 year.

This past Sunday I got to hang out with a diverse and wonderful group of kiddos at church. We gathered in a circle to share our names and one word saying how we were feeling right in that moment. Ellie was “curious”, Senara was “tired”, Sky was “thoughtful”(she is 4 years old), Vicente was “excited” and several of us were “happy.” We also took turns dropping stones into a bowl of water as we shared our joys and sorrows – birthdays, camping trips, dogs who have died and fears and excitement for a new school year about to begin. Later that day I was at a restaurant and from across the room I heard, “Look! there’s Eleanor!” and saw two young friends from church. I crossed the room to say hello and I was filled with gratitude to be a person that they are glad to see, someone they know beyond the circle of their family, in a circle of care and trust at church who sees them as important and lovable.

You can be that person in the life of our kids! We provide training, ongoing support and great resources to help you guide our children and youth as they grow in body mind and spirit. You serve on a team and choose your Sundays. I promise that you will grow alongside them and you will be amazed and optimistic about the future as you spend time with our fantastic kids!

You can Sign Up Here

Still not sure? Reach out to me – Eleanor, the Director of Family Ministry I can answer your questions and tell you more about it. I know that there is no more impactful way that you can join our mission of unleashing courageous love.Change Lives! Be a kid’s Small Group Leader!

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