Making Sunday Happen

Newcomers, the Now-Settled, and Longtime Stalwarts –

The Hospitality Team would love to welcome you to its fold. Every Sunday a team is required to create a worship experience that sends you back out into the world fortified and thinking.

Most of the year, we have three services every Sunday: 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30. Even though the first and third tend to be lower in attendance then the 10:00 service, it still takes the same number of volunteers to staff the experience. Some of the jobs require some experience, and some don’t. The Hospitality Team typically arrives 30 minutes before the start of the service for updates/support and some position stay active a few minutes after service.

For example, we need per service:

Two Greeters – the best position for newcomers, as no experience or knowledge about the church is required. You just need a friendly, welcoming persona.

One person at the Welcome Table – arrive 30 minutes before service begins and return to the table after service until your replacement arrives. If you are a newcomer, you can still do this by pairing up with an experienced member your first few times. You may get questions you can’t answer – I’ve belonged to the church for 30 plus years, and I still can’t answer all questions, so I have mastered, “I don’t know, but I’ll find someone who does.” Kathryn Boyle and Kristen Psaki are always floating about (soaring is more like it), ready to help.

Two Ushers – this requires very simple and straightforward training, or pairing with someone who’s done it before.

One Sound Booth Expert: this requires training, but we have folks to train you if sound technology is an interest.

One Slide Technician – this requires training. Again, this is relatively simple, and having done slides several times and made just about every mistake possible, I have found the congregation and staff to be most forgiving. It does help to sing along with the hymns. Anna Broskie ( ) does the training and always has your back during the service.

Coffee Captain/Coffee Barista – this is two jobs. Our most excellent staff have written out the direction with pictures even, to make this job easy for anyone to execute, even if you are not a coffee drinker – and serving coffee to UUs earns you high praise.

As I write this on the day after Pi Day, the math shows these equals 10 volunteers per service or 30 total per Sunday. See why you are needed?

Finally, Kristen and Kathryn meet with the Sunday Hospitality Team before each service with updates, there is a whiteboard in the office where you can document questions or ideas you have, and every month or so we meet at church for a simple potluck dinner to process how the Team is doing, get to know other team members (a real plus), and to receive some thoughtful wisdom from Kristen.

Don’t be shy! The church needs your service. The congregation is loud in their gratitude. Do yourself the favor of joining the Hospitality Team here.

Jane Everham, a Hospitality Team member

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